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How to get the best price for your car

Motorists who want to sell their car, especially on the private market, often wipe hundreds of pounds off the value by failing to take a few simple steps before putting it up for sale. According to the editors of Glass’s Guide, the top five most simple-to-avoid used car turn-offs are: 1. Smoking. People spend a lot of time in their car and a lingering smell of tobacco is a definite turn-off for most. In fact, it can easily wipe 15% off your car’s value. It's not a simple job to remove the smell, but thoroughly cleaning the car’s interior as well as using specialist products and odour removers can help. 2. Pet smells and hairs. Pet smells are almost as unpopular as tobacco. Hairs can also get into the weave of seat fabrics and carpets, and can be difficult to remove. Again, the only solution is elbow grease alongside a selection of appropriate cleaning products from your local car retailer. 3. Sticker and decals. Your other car may be a Porsche, and you may be a Chelsea fan until you die, but these are unlikely to be sentiments shared by your car’s next potential owner. Remove stickers carefully and gently to ensure the tackiness is gone, without damaging the paintwork or glass. 4. Fixing holes. These are much less common than they were just a few years ago, but any kind of drilling into the dashboard or other parts of the car’s interior leaves an untidy look. Specialist repair kits are available, are not difficult to use and will make the interior look much more presentable. 5. General grubbiness. Very few people want to buy a car that is full of sandwich wrappers, empty coffee cups, old items of clothing and who knows what else. Spending a morning cleaning your car or £20 on a mini-valet at your local car wash will make it much easier to sell. “Preparing your car for sale is important if you want to get the best price and to move it on quickly, yet private buyers often make silly errors,” Rupert Pontin, the Head of Valuations at Glass’s Guide, said. “It is a question of looking at your car with fresh eyes and seeing it as a potential buyer sees it. What are the things about it that might make them walk away immediately? Basically, buyers are looking for evidence that a car has been well-cared-for.”

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Posted on 17th May 2016 at 3:48 PM

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