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Drivers unprepared for winter weather breakdowns

Motorists are more likely to carry an umbrella in their car than basic safety equipment, a poll by rural insurance specialists NFU Mutual has found.

Around two thirds of the 1,500 motorists surveyed said they had broken down at least once in their life. And while the vast majority (78%) had some form of breakdown cover, only one fifth carried warm clothing or a blanket in their car – something that safety organisations advise is essential during the winter months.

Many were more likely to have chewing gum in their car than high visibility clothing or a reflective red warning triangle.

“It’s great that the majority of drivers have a rescue service in place,” Aleks Corr, a motor insurance specialist at NFU Mutual, said. “But when you scratch under the surface, drivers are unprepared for the call-out itself, which is a particular risk in the dark, cold weather and even more so if they break down on an isolated and unlit rural road.

“While brollies might be among the essentials for daily British life, don’t forget the safety fundamentals such as a torch, blanket and a spare tyre to prepare for a breakdown. Keeping basic safety equipment in your car could spell the difference between a minor inconvenience and a traumatically freezing and potentially hazardous family event.”

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Posted on 2nd December 2019 at 5:13 PM

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